25 February 2006

Mentor mentee outing

Here's some shots from the mentor mentee outing we had a few Saturdays ago.
From left: Me, Amy, Joanne, Hannah and Ruth. Not all of them are my mentees, though...

Here's the group shot.

26 November 2005

Lens reflections

This is a good example of things that show up as spots in my shots, especially at night, in hotel banquets etc... Really pisses me off when I have a nicely composed and exposed photo, but with little UFOs floating around. Click to see the big picture.

25 November 2005

Koko pod

Here's a pic of a cocoa pod that was dissected by my mom. She got it from Tawau. When you suck on the seeds it has the chocolatly aroma, but it's not sweet.

Here's a close-up of the seeds when cleaned and cracked open:

08 November 2005

NightShots anyone?

These are two shots of the same scene from Kampung Nelayan (a seafood restaurant in Bukit Padang). The shot on the left is kind of dark, but when I set my camera to the maximum shutter length of 15 seconds, the results is the second shot. Better "star effects" on the lights but I only noticed the lens flare after downloading the images to my computer.
This is an indoor shot of a chandelier in one of the hotels. Occasion: one of my aunty's birthday celebration.

P.S. This is only a point-and-shoot camera that I'm using (Canon A70) so you shouldn't expect miracles heh heh...

19 October 2005

Moon photos

I took some spooky photos of the moon last night, but hadn't had time to upload them yet. The only problem I had was my puny zoom lens can't pull the moon any closer. Using digital zoom is even worse. I just glanced through them yesterday, luckily didn't see anything "strange" in the photos...
Update Friday 21 Oct 2005
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Nuclear explosion? No, just the moon overeposed. More coming later, if I think the rest are good enough to be put up here.

05 October 2005

Fire in the sky

This reminds me of the song "Smoke on the water" by Deep Purple where the chorus goes "Smoke on the water, fire in the sky..."

Here's another shot using my crappy camera phone:

01 October 2005

Wildlife at Melinsung Beach

Here's some photos of wildlife I managed to snap at the BBQ on 16th Sept. OK, maybe some of it can't be considered "wild" but hey, just enjoy the pics!

19 July 2005

Nice talentime photo

This is quite a nice pic of one of the dancers during the Talentime on 9 July 2005. Considering that they were gyrating to some Middle Eastern sounding music, it was quite a feat to get the composition right (yeah, self-patting on back heh heh). Maybe I can sell some of these as a side income...

26 June 2005

3 2 1 launch!

OK. Here's an update for the month of June (man, I really need to update this more often!) We had a product launch in Hyatt KK on the 18th of June 2005, and was it a crazy week before that. The multimedia presentation was cooked up by yours truly and several ppl, but I won't go into that. This blog is about photos!

First off, here's the main lineup, Heads of Programs etc...

Here's the only clear shot of Daisy. The rest were blur!

Here's a shot of the "champagne" bottles (actually non-alcoholic grape juice).

Here's a top view of the "champagne" tower.

Here we have some hungry students...

Enjoying the food after a hard morning's work

All having a cuppa tea

The main model, yummy!

Over all, quite a limited number of nice shots, since there's not much time to look around and the lighting was also another factor.

27 May 2005

CK's wedding dinner pics

Alrighty then, here's the pics from my little trip to KL for CK's wedding dinner. Quite a hectic schedule, rushing back to the hotel and all, but we finally got ready in time. CLICK on the pics for a bigger view. These have been resized by the photo hosting website, so if anyone wants the HUGE photos (1600 x 1200 pixels. ~ 400 - 500 KB per photo), just email me.
Here's a shot of Princess Fiona, with her new hair (or lack of it).
Here's the happy couple: blushing bride and dashing groom. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Ho.
Some of the early birds to the dinner... Darn photographer punya camera in the bottom left corner!
Ah, three lovely gals... all starving because the food hadn't arrived yet.
The menu, err... maybe shouldn't show this to Neng.
Walking down the red carpet, they go.
Only shot of Sally, plus back of Muru's head (sorry).
Here's Chin Leong (sorry, I thought the name Steve was a nickname u gave urself or something :P wonder where I heard that?) and co.
Slightly blurry, didn't wanna use flash because that would have blown our faces away at such short distance.
A better shot (thanks SuSan!)
I forgot what were they doing at this point. Oh well, blurry pic as well.
To toast the new bride and groom.
Ah, the master of ceremonies himself stopped to say hello (and eat a few things as well, heh heh).
A grand toast from UNIMAS!!!
The aftermath of the dinner = 2 casualties staggering to their vehicle.
Look at them eyes!!!
This one looks more human.
The elusive Neng has finally surfaced ...